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Medium Duty Spring Loaded Tiller / Cultivator

Medium Duty Spring Loaded Tiller / Cultivator

Code : A-MDSLT

Cultivators are provided with easily adjustable tines, fitted with two powerful coil springs make it a versatile tool designed to do many jobs from seed-bed preparation to inter sow culture and sowing etc. The special alloy steel times and shovels make it sturdy and long lasting implement.
We manufacture these tiller using supreme quality raw material resists bending strains and ensures that the spring-loaded tiller are accurately spaced for precision work and correctly angled for good operation. Our implement not only saves time but also saves labor and fuel that decreases the input cost.

Advantage of Medium Duty Spring Loaded Tiller / Cultivator

» The "Parkline infra " MEDIUM DUTY SPRING LOADED TILLER / CULTIVATOR is designed for the light and medium soils.
» Used for loosening and aerating soil to a depth of 250 mm & Prepares seed beds quickly and economically
» The tiller has heavy duty shanks for positive penetration and It breaks up hard top soil, uproots stubbles and leaves the ground perfectly worked.
» It is particularity useful for paddy cultivation areas requiring shallow ploughing on hard clayey cracked up soil. In such places it prepares seed bed faster than ploughing

Features of Medium Duty Spring Loaded Tiller / Cultivator

» When one tyne strikes a hidden object, the others continue to work at correct depth.
» Spring loaded assemblies derive their strength from high carbon pairs.
» Provision for spacing adjustments between tynes to be useful for various soil conditions and various crops.
» The spring-loaded tynes swing back under break-away pressure of 163Kg: pass over the obstruction and return to the working position without affecting the working depth of the implement
» Spring loaded Tyne assemblies derive their strength from heavy duty angles which once fixed to the immensely strong main frame cannot move or strain out of position.
FRAME 75x40 mm channel 75x40 mm channel
SPRING 10 mm WD,50 mm OD 10 mm WD,50 mm OD
TYNES 50x25 mm forged 50x25 mm forged
PAIRS 50x8mm flat  50x8mm flat
ANCHOR PIN 25 mm 25mm
SHOVELS 8mm En-45Reversible 8mm En-45Reversible
FRAME BOLT 12x32 High Tensile 12x32 High Tensile
3 POINT LINKAGE 50x12 mm 50x12 & 65X16 mm 
HEIGHT 530mm 530 mm
LENGTH 2000 mm 2450 mm
WIDTH 700 mm 700 mm
TILLER PIN 28 mm (Standard) 28 mm (Standard)
APPROX WEIGHT 225 Kg. 275 Kg.
NOTE:-The contents of this website are only giving information to the end user without engagement from our side. The company can modify specifications of the total machine and it’s components without any previous notice.

Manufactured By:

Parkline infra pvt.ltd. ( ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company)
Near vidhyagram school behind barala hospital N.H.11 Radhaswami bagh chomu,jaipur -303702 (India),
M. : +91-9785817192
Website : parklineinfra.com,
Email : Info@parklineinfra.com, Gajanand613@gmail.com

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